We are a Personalised,  Data-Driven Health Platform

We are passionate about tracking and utilising data to improve patient & client outcomes. We pride ourselves on delivering a truly unique, personalised experience for each clinic, health club, GP and hospital we work with. We place personalised patient & client care above all else and are committed to ensuring every health partner has a longstanding history of delivering exceptional care and of course, reproducible results.

Our service extends further by setting new benchmarks in social messaging integration, machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and data visualisation so you can make data-driven interventions and offer a truly personalised service. We are based at the Imperial Innovation Hub working alongside the Data Science Institute.
Made by Health Experts with
Adam Read
Founder & CEO
Varna Kugan
VP of Marketing
Faisal Memon
Prof Nicola Maffulli
Advisor, Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Surgeon, Editor of BJSM
Dr Michael Turner
Advisor, Chief Medical Officer, LTA Medical Director ICHIRF ”Team Murray Doctor”
Jacques de Cock
Advisor, Business Strategy
Steve Davies
Advisor, Fund Raising
Quentin Solt
Advisor, Legal
Robin Davies
Advisor, Executive Team Advisor
Bosco Albuquerque
Advisor, Performance & Scalability Expert, Data Analytics & AI Engineering, Oracle Application DBA, Amazon, Visa, Apple
Alexander Mescheryakov
UX and UI Developer
Alexander Logunov
Software Engineer, DevOps

Wecudos has been crafted by pioneering health experts & leaders from the following institutions

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