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We pride ourselves on delivering a truly unique, personalised experience for each client we work with. Our team of innovative industry experts are able to customise any training package to fit perfectly around our clients' hobbies, interests, health needs and schedules. Our founding board of dedicated sports doctors allows us to deliver a level of service which will pioneer the health and fitness industries. Our service extends further by setting new benchmarks for fresh, engaging client consultations and also ensuring our clients' professionals work together as a solid team. Each professional we recommend has been individually hand-picked and rigorously vetted by our team of industry experts. We place client care above all else and are committed to ensuring every professional has a longstanding history of delivering exceptional care and of course, reproducible results. We'll be providing everyone unparalleled access to personalized expert guidance and focusing our efforts on tracking each client's care to ensure that they consistently reach their full potential and beyond!
We are in the business of helping people reach their true potential and we hope that all of our members are able to experience the magic of discovering this feeling.

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Professor Nicola Maffulli is widely recognised as one of the world's most eminent Consultant Orthopaedic and Sports Injury Surgeons and is responsible for pioneering several revolutionary new procedures and techniques in foot and ankle surgery. He was selected by The London Organising Committee to lead the Orthopaedic Sports Foot and Ankle Surgery Service at the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic. Games.



Widely regarded as one of the pioneers of modern Sports Medicine, Dr. Michael Turner currently works as Chief Medical Advisor for both British Horseracing and for the Lawn Tennis Association. He was recently awarded the Institute of Sports Medicine’s Robert Atkins Award for “consistently valuable medical service to Elite Sport in the UK”. His particular areas of interest are safety in high risk sports, protective equipment in sports, concussion and doping control.

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