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Wecudos has been crafted by pioneering health experts & leaders from the following institutions

Case Studies

LTA Coach
Fast communication and being proactive are the hallmarks for success in elite sport. Alongside other top health professionals at the Lawn Tennis Association, I have 25+ years experience in coaching athletes at the highest level. I am now working with Wecudos to pull new insights about my athletes through social messaging and involving other key individuals like parents, teachers and my colleagues in my processes saving me so much time and energy on a daily basis whilst ultimately focusing on helping more people develop into top, world class athletes.
Exclusive Medical Wellness Spa
LMS clinics is an exclusive members only medically-led aesthetic and wellness service. We pride ourselves on delivering an unparalleled level of personalised service from top class global medical and health experts. Wecudos is an important component of our business and is helping us drive engagement, scale our personalised health services and provide each client with a curated journey from start to finish.
Sports Physiotherapy Clinic
An established, progressive sports physiotherapy practice. They recently opened their second clinic in Cannon Street and were struggling to get their clients to leave Google reviews. As a technology partner, Wecudos created a unique one-click Google review link that they could send out to clients as a message via our communication platform with fantastic results. We are helping them address the needs and expectations of the modern health consumer using our technologies.
Back Care Specialists
The UK’s pre-eminent back care specialists with over 15 years experience treating musculoskeletal disorders. We are helping them keep their clients from dropping off on their IDD care pathway by sending engaging automated messages via our platform. In addition, some of their practitioners are not following up with their clients they way they should be. Our owner view analytics dashboard will offer an insightful bird-eye view of their performance to ensure quality assurance.
Medical Weight Management
They have over 25 Years experience in weight loss and obesity management but now want to launch a new online weight loss programme with a goal of acquiring 100k+ subscribers within the next 12 months. Wecudos is helping them scale their personalised service from the clinic setting to a large volume of clients all at the same time and track the overall progress of each participant whilst maintaining the best possible care to every member.
Chiropractic Clinic
Before Wecudos they were having to update their client outcomes on a simple Excel spreadsheet. This took up so much time but now they have a really simple way of collecting and managing this data and using their client results to help them make changes to their treatment protocols. Digitising their care pathways also helped them visualise where every client is along their journey and prompt some to make follow up bookings, which is really helping them grow their new practice.
Cycling Coach
Wecudos is having a dramatic effect on the business. They are now able to automate their communications to the parents and teachers of the children that they coach and keep them updated on progress as well as reminding them about upcoming cycle clubs events. The data reports on their cyclists results will be the main linchpin for them to start working with big industry players and to scale their business.
Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic
The Wecudos Owner View has allowed them to have a bird’s eye view of all their health professionals and see who are the most engaged. They have a strict policy of sending a personalised follow up message 24 hours after every client appointment and Wecudos has allowed them to automate this process seamlessly and quickly discover which clients need their attention the most and need a follow up booking.
Targeted Body Shaping Clinic
Before Using Wecudos, they used paper records for everything and it was impossible to organise their database of clients. Wecudos has allowed them to be totally paperless and our multi-channel communication system allows them to market and grow their business across several platforms.
Multi-disciplinary Health Clinic
Research and outcome assessments are at the heart of Whole Life Clinics. They came to Wecudos to help improve overall engagement with their longitudinal studies. Their patients had not been engaging with their feedback forms. The owners found Wecudos’ integration to platforms like Whatsapp as a perfect way to bridge the gap with their patients after their treatment and to collect meaningful data that is simple and effective for both them and their patients.