WeCudos is bringing integrity to
healthcare data.

Between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, data has had a bad reputation of late. But here’s the thing. Keeping valuable clinical data locked in filing cabinets is not only killing trees but it’s also blocking the path to a more personalised and effective healthcare system. There is a statutory requirement for all health professionals to document clinical notes after every appointment but why put them into a system you don’t trust and that brings no additional value? With WeCudos, these notes and clinical outcomes will be securely stored and rather than falling to the way side, will contribute to the advancement of healthcare. 


Our Mission

We approach problems as patients and solve them as healthcare professionals, scientists and data experts. We’ve experienced first hand the current short falls in the healthcare system and are committed to building the tools to empower positive change. So, we developed a novel way to collect real-world data, a ‘clinical trial ready platform’ to bring clinical research into everyday clinical practice.


Our beliefs

We’ve noticed the breakdown between traditional medicine and alternative medicine when all that everybody wants is a cohesive healthcare system that a) supports the entire patient journey and b) actually works. We need to come together. To collaborate. And standardized, purpose-driven data collection allows us to speak the same language. To fill in each other’s gaps. To provide the best patient experience we possibly can. So, here’s where you come in.


Our calling

WeCudos is for those that care. Who value patient outcomes above all else. Who fight to do the right thing for their field, for their patients and for the future of healthcare. Who are great at what they do. Who want to be leaders in their field and aren’t afraid to work for it. We want the world to recognise the work that you’re doing. We’re fostering a likeminded community who are committed to working with us to harness the power of healthcare data to shape the healthcare system of tomorrow. Sound like you?

Healthcare innovation through purpose-driven data collection


Clinical data is largely underutilised. Healthcare practitioners either use paper or unprotected clinical software and rely on largely anecdotal prescribing behaviour.


WeCudos is starting to partner with the right people to pioneer radical transparency of clinical data by enabling safe, secure collection of anonymised patient data on a large scale.


WeCudos’ AI algorithm processes multiple data sets simultaneously, identifying trends in real world data and working towards a more effective and personalised care.

Our Founder

Hello! I'm Adam.

I’m a medical doctor, personal trainer and health technology founder. Whilst doing a masters in sports medicine, I was impressed by the level of care each athlete received and obsessed over why this couldn’t be the case for everyone else. Over the last 7 years, I am proud to have worked with some inspirational pioneering health experts who share my vision of democratising personalised healthcare and to develop WeCudos as it stands today. The team behind WeCudos come from all walks of life and are best of breed technologists who are now inspiring me to think even bigger and help tackle the global health crisis.