We know that at the centre of healthcare is the connection between Healthcare Professionals and their patients.

That’s why we’ve worked with a team of experts with real-life experience in the complexities of communicating with patients and handling complex workflows across all clinical and research settings. So, each feature has been developed to fulfil a specific need.

Health Tracking

Monitor patients’ health status in real time and collect standardized data about the efficacy of treatments.

Instant Reporting

Generate anonymised reports for patients, payees, regulatory bodies, insurers or academia.

Data Collection

Target the information you want from patients with our custom data collection tool.

2-way Communication

Secure dashboard to easily communicate with patients by SMS or email.


From our FDA compliant patient consent process to our best in class encryption and anonymisation engine powering WeCudos behind the scenes, its safe to say we take security very seriously.

Realtime Analytics

Access your data in real time giving you up to the minute actionable insights.

Cudos Points

We reward both patients and health professionals for standardised data collection.

Real-World Data Analysis

Process multiple data sets simultaneously, identifying interesting patterns by machine learning algorithms.

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