Access entire networks of healthcare professionals.

WeCudos incentivises participation of it’s network and uses easy to follow, industry standard scoring tools to ensure healthcare professionals follow best practice.


Powering healthcare innovation through purpose-driven data collection


Clinical data is embarrassingly under-utilised. Healthcare practitioners still use paper or outdated clinical software meaning they are not equipped to analyse all the information around them to influence their prescribing behaviours.


WeCudos is starting to partner with the right people to pioneer radical transparency of clinical data by enabling safe, secure collection of patient data and reporting anonymised insights on a large scale. 


WeCudos’ AI algorithm processes multiple data sets simultaneously, identifying real-world evidence and working towards more effective and personalized care.

Become a data-driven organisation.

WeCudos helps turn data insights into publishable clinical findings to support integration with other healthcare pathways, reimbursement from insurance companies and dissemination of findings in peer reviewed journals


Report key insights to stakeholders.

WeCudos provides unparalleled reporting from networks of health professionals and their patients to bring our data partners true real world visibility that empowers data-driven decision making.


Seal of approval for new products and services.

WeCudos is designed to bring an un-questionable seal of approval for companies looking to bring new products, services and therapies to the healthcare market.


Guaranteed, unparalleled security.

The WeCudos Data Bank™ promises best in class data anonymisation and encryption techniques to ensure all your data is collected, stored and reported in line with clinical trial protocols.


Get awesome Healthcare information each week!

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