Data collection made simple.

WeCudos standardises clinical data collection making it easy to track progress and efficacy of treatments as well as proactively manage risk.


Healthcare innovation through purpose-driven data collection


Clinical data is embarrassingly under-utilised. Healthcare practitioners still use paper or outdated clinical software meaning they are not equipped to analyse all the information around them to influence their prescribing behaviours.


WeCudos is starting to partner with the right people to pioneer radical transparency of clinical data by enabling safe, secure collection of patient data and reporting anonymised insights on a large scale. 


WeCudos’ AI algorithm processes multiple data sets simultaneously, identifying real-world evidence and working towards more effective and personalized care.

Take control of your health journey.

Request reports. Read your clinical notes. Arm yourself with the information to make your time with your healthcare professional count.


Don’t gamble with your health.

Insights from the WeCudos’ Data Bank provides recommendations to patients and care providers to help them make data-driven, proactive decisions.


Help treatments that work get covered by insurance.

WeCudos generates real time practice-based evidence to support new products and services make it to the mainstream.


Have peace of mind that your data is safe.

WeCudos was built with data protection at its core. Our innovative anonymisation engine ensures your data is collected, stored and reported in line with robust clinical trial standards


Get awesome Healthcare information each week!

Have more questions? Want a real person to walk you through a live deep dive of the software? We’re happy to help out!

We give back to the industry we love

WeCudos is dedicated to promoting research across the world, by providing a novel way of collecting real-world data and creating an environment that fosters new research activities. One way in which we aim to do this is by sponsoring clinical trials with various academic institutions and health organisations to dramatically reduce the barrier to entry for innovative treatment options getting to market.