We’re dedicated to promoting research across the world.

We sponsor world-class research at various institutions such as Guy's Hospital and the University of Southern California, giving them free access to our platform to facilitate outcomes related research.


Put your clinical notes and outcomes into a system
that you can trust and that brings additional value

Quick access to anonymised, comprehensive data sets

On large populations with a range of disease-related illnesses, concomitant medication consumption and other relevant health related data.


Know your data is safe and how it’s being stored

The WeCudos Data Bank is the world's first technology-powered ‘Biobank,’ applying the same principles used by world-renowned research institutions such as the NHS for over 20 years.


Accelerate the development of new treatments

Our Data Bank has been set up to be used in the future as a ‘quick-access’ data resource for researchers and organisations undertaking a wide range of medical research.


Improve healthcare and treatment options of tomorrow

Thorough data analysis on large populations can be undertaken to inform better healthcare for future generations.


Get awesome Healthcare information each week!

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Want to be a part of WeCudos Labs?

We want to make our platform as accessible to as many people as possible. So, we’re partnering with professional bodies, regulators and academic institutions to drive down the cost. Find out if your member organisation subsidises the cost of WeCudos. We also provide pro-bono services to academics and innovators undertaking outcomes-based research. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.